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    • FIXES Lizardman shaman teleport now works and is spelt correctly. Removed custom character colours. Removed 1 new player message, previously there were 2. Player counter multiplier was removed. Added clan chat member counter in the interface. Wildywyrm text in the quest tab changed from yellow to green. Adjustments to drop table interface. Adjustments to POS interface. Clicking the teleport buttons in the magic tab will no longer go to the wrong tab. Added new quest information interface. You can no longer pick-up  your pet if your inventory is full. Adjusted abyssal dagger offsets. Zaryte bow has been buffed. The server will now send a world message when someone claims a donation. Ranging cape & ranging master cape now also act as ava's accumalators. Elder maul is no longer notable. Fixed a typo & ints of custom partyhats. Fixed ancestral set visuals. Fixed twisted bow string. Fixed summoning obelisk model. Fixed invisible colour on elder maul.
    • Ruby already had unlimited prayer points prior to the big update. And it was disabled anywhere in the wilderness.
    • NEW CONTENT Added 1B XP capes, you will automatically receive the capes at 1B XP. Added Blood money, changed currency of pk shop to blood money. Shop is currently empty whilst we setup prices. CHANGES Changed double pk points Tuesday's to double dungeoneering tokens. Removed pk points. FIXES Fixed Sprites Shield left half Ring of the gods Bronze,iron,steel,black,adamant,rune gauntlets Fixed Vampire NPC model. Fixed eternal mage animations. Fixed Slash Bash mapping
    • Also adding the left click option instead of right clicking at a certain level or a toggle-option as well please!
    • Would unlimited prayer be active through wilderness? If so I think that would be very broken for the pkers of the server. Players shouldn't have an advantage in wilderness based upon status of the player. -Mango