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  2. Error Code via Chat When Mining

    Thanks Dusty we will fix this in the upcoming patch.
  3. This is fixed in the next patch very soon
  4. Zee's Introduction

    Welcome to Runitescape dude! See you in-game soon! Dusty
  5. Ironman can buy from shops now, it has ruined one of 2 main purposes for an "ironman account".
  6. Ironman can buy from shops now, it has ruined one of 2 main purposes for an "ironman account".
  7. Double Vote Mondays

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to point out that double vote mondays currently do not give double vote points. Thanks.
  8. a few ideas i have open for interpretation

    I'd Vouch for those idea's myself and I hope we can get some of them updated to the game soon , Thanks a lot for sharing those idea's with us I am sure the dev's will look into it for sure. *note* Using Super-anti fire potions will make you take 0 damage from any kind of dragons. Much Respect. Regards.

    Awesome Guide @Pounds , im Sure its going to be useful to a lot of players , @Cow55killer Thank you for the info pal , Much Respect. Regards.
  10. Who is he ?

    @Craig Yeah he is pretty decent not bad at all , Im kidding I'd vote for all of you!
  11. Thanks

    You Are more than welcome my friend , I'd like to thank you and @Reece for all those updates and hard work you guys put into the server! Much Respect. Regards.
  12. a few ideas i have open for interpretation

    Agreed, seems like neither the dfs, antidragon shield, nor antifire potion seems to be working in game for high lvl dragons...
  13. Thanks

    Hello all. On behalf of myself and @Reece we would like to say thanks alot for supporting RuniteScape on our journey so far. We've come a long way in a short period of time and have many ideas and plans for the server & community. Another extra thank you to the donators that make all of the development and running of the VPS/Website possible it's appreciated and that's why we're always adding extra donator content. Look forward to seeing you all in-game soon!
  14. Ello everyone i have a few ideas that dont NEED to happen just suggestions i have from over 13 hours of play -i feel harder slayer tasks should yield 15-20 slayer points (doing 40 frost drags for 11 is hell tbh) -increased drop rate after a certin killcount of an npc or a reward system for killing a certin amount of npc kills or reward tier system -Dfs should have the anti-dragonfire shield effect but sadly doesnt these are just some ideas i hope they get built apon for in game updates open for discussion and changes, thanks for your time

    Awesome guide man! For those who don't wanna spend 50m, I think starting at lvl 62, building teak fancy dress boxes gives the cheapest cost-effective exp.
  16. Who is he ?

    I vote for Craig he's pretty legit
  17. Zee's Introduction

    Welcome zee hope to see you in-game soon!
  18. Clue Scroll Maddness

    For scroll inside of the bank

    CONSTRUCTION IS HERE! AND YOU'RE ABOUT TO LEARN FROM THE BEST! This is how I went from 1-99 with just 2 rooms! GILDED BENCH IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO LEVEL CONSTRUCTION IF YOU DO NOT MIND SPENDING 50M I hope this makes everyones life a little bit easier, enjoy -Pounds

    You may be asking, why the in the world am I making a FM guide. Well because I've seen several players doing it the longest way possible. I'm not going to post pictures along with this guide because it isnt needed. Just follow these simple steps 1.) Tinder box ---> Logs 2.) Simply click fire to burn the rest of the logs onto the fire and type the desired amount you would wish to burn. 3.) REPEAT Enjoy
  21. Clue Scroll Maddness

    Awesome Guys thanks a lot for helping us finding those locations , any other places please take a screen and post it on here Much respect. Regards.
  22. Zee's Introduction

    Hello there Zee , welcome to the server pal. Much Respect, Regards.
  23. Zee's Introduction

    Welcome to the server, Zee. I'm looking forward to playing with you more often!
  24. Hi all, I'm Zee. I'm 22 years of age & from Australia. There's not much else to say, but keen to see you all ingame.
  25. Clue Scroll Maddness

    Chaotic and Pest Control (Edit: PS. I think for the chicken one, you gotta step up one space)
  26. Clue Scroll Maddness

    dig somewhere in the middle of barrows (if you dig into ahrims it'll bring you back up to the right spot) dig near the king of dragons dig somewhere near a slayer master Dig Somewhere at Home2 ::home2 Dig somewhere near the duel arena tele'
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