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    1.No advertising other servers. 2.No sharing urls other than www.runitescape.co.uk. 3.No spamming. 4.No racist, homophobic or personal remarks and insults. 5.No disrespecting members of staff. 6.No scamming or luring. 7.No bug or glitch abusing. Please report anything that can be abused for gain and you may be rewarded. 8.No DDOSing, hacking or threatening to do so. 9.Maximum Login Of 2. 10.One account Only when answering Quiz Questions. 11.No selling any in-game items or accounts for real cash/osrs gp or any other form of currency. 12.No multi-logging for gain (EG) killing Wildy Wyrm with two accounts for x2 rewards. If you have any other suggestions for rules please make a post or PM me.
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