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    Before beginning to train crafting please click on the stats tab and the crafting icon to teleport to the crafting training location. This is how I trained crafting fast! Personally I trained mining up high enough to mine the star. While mining the star you receive mass amounts of Gems. I saved the gems to these amounts below. This Guide shows the required level, the amount of xp received for each action, and the amount of actions you must take to reach the next step in the guide. For example; you must collect 14 Flax and turn them into bowstrings via the spinning wheel. This will take you from level 1 all the way to level 20. ~ view image 1 to see what flax looks like. ~view image 2,3,4 to see the inventory of 14 flax, the spinning wheel, and the 14 bow strings. Then you must deposit your bowstrings in the bank. purchase a chisel from the crafting instructor. ~view image 5 to see the crafting instructor and the banker. ~view image 6 to see how your inventory should look as you begin cutting your gems. Cut 3 Sapphire gems to get to level 27. Cut 3 Emerald gems to get to level 34. Cut 6 Ruby gems to get to level 43. Cut 18 Diamond gems to get to level 55. For those of you who choose to just buy the diamond gems from the instructor, instead of mine the star and save your money, you will need to cut 1854 Diamond gems to reach level 99. For those who mine the stars and collect enough dragonstone at level 55 you may choose to cut 1313 Dragonstone gems to achieve level 99. Flax LVL: 1 XP: 324 AMOUNT: 14 Sapphire LVL: 20 XP: 2400 AMOUNT: 3 Emerald LVL: 27 XP: 3600 AMOUNT: 3 Ruby LVL: 34 XP: 5200 AMOUNT: 6 Diamond LVL: 43 XP: 7000 AMOUNT: 18 TO 99 (for those who don't mine the star) :1854 Dragonstone LVL: 55 XP: 9800 AMOUNT: 1313 TO 99
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    Hey Everyone This is my Guide on how to do Barrows ( Rise of the six ) . Note : you probably can find better and other ways to do it , I prefer using Mage ( barrage ) I will Try to add Screen shots later on. for me i always Pray Melee at first and kill Verac , Then kill The other three Melee Brothers while they are all three around you , you can easy barrage them at once , while Tanking The ahrim and karil after killing all four melee brothers you can change your prayer to mage and kill karil or switch it to range and kill ahrim. I always do it this way and with 1 Super Restore and 3 slots for Runes and The rest is food i manage to kill 3 Wave's of them at once before banking for more food again. Inv : Barraging The four melee brother's While Tanking The other two : Switch The prayer To Range and Kill Ahrim while Tanking Karil : Keep it Range while Killing Karil : Thank you for reading my Guide on how to do Barrows ( Rise of the six ). feel free to tell me how it goes when you try it out. Regards. Sparkz