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    dig somewhere in the middle of barrows (if you dig into ahrims it'll bring you back up to the right spot) dig near the king of dragons dig somewhere near a slayer master Dig Somewhere at Home2 ::home2 Dig somewhere near the duel arena tele'
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    I know that some servers use such a thing intentionally, if said IP Address shared the same as another user, it'd count the player as one. Personally I used this method when I ran servers, but I'm not sure if they do
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    You Are more than welcome my friend , I'd like to thank you and @Reece for all those updates and hard work you guys put into the server! Much Respect. Regards.
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    For scroll inside of the bank
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    Chaotic and Pest Control (Edit: PS. I think for the chicken one, you gotta step up one space)
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    Nice guide man, red chins go for 61,000 last time I checked from the general store, and regular chins are slightly less. So for new players reading this guide, I would advise selling the chins you manage to catch! Once again, great work Pounds!
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    Thanks man! Very helpful. Keep up the great work
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    Hi Noah, You know my name but it's nice to meet ya! You're super helpful and i'm glad to have met you my first few seconds in the game! You've answered almost every question i've had so far, You're really dedicated and definitely deserve your position!