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  1. Mini Game Highlights

    Drago great idea, we literally implemented something similar last night check the changelog
  2. Dusty's Intro

    Hello mate welcome to RuniteScape! Look forward to seeing you in-game
  3. Changelog 16/02/18

    Server Changes Custom home area map added including new donators area. Quiz/Trivia added Player shops added NPC drop table added Construction added Dungeoneering fixed Auto bonus XP/Points system: Monday (x2 Vote points) Tuesday (x2 PK points) Wednesday (x2 Slayer Points) Thursday (x2 PC points) Friday, Saturday, Sunday (x2 XP) New rares added (Lava/black/lime) Client Changes New client design New boss and minigames interface New spellbook icons
  4. 100 Posts Prize

    Ok guys so we want to make the forums a little more active! First person to reach 100 post count will get a Prize of 250m Rules Posts must be high quality. You can reply to a thread but not just with a couple of words. If you're creating a guide or tutorial add pictures in.
  5. Rules

    1.No advertising other servers. 2.No sharing urls other than www.runitescape.co.uk. 3.No spamming. 4.No racist, homophobic or personal remarks and insults. 5.No disrespecting members of staff. 6.No scamming or luring. 7.No bug or glitch abusing. Please report anything that can be abused for gain and you may be rewarded. 8.No DDOSing, hacking or threatening to do so. 9. Maximum Login Of 2. 10. One account Only when answering Quiz Questions. If you have any other suggestions for rules please make a post or PM me.
  6. Crystal Key Chest

    I will make sure its moved to a more convenient place in the upcoming patch
  7. Snake's Introduction

    Welcome mate!
  8. Barrows ( Rise of the Six )

    Thanks alot for this guide sparkz I'm sure everyone will use it!
  9. YouTube Advertisement

    Definitely a good idea and we will eventually do this when the servers at a high enough standard
  10. Changelog 01/02/18

    Website Changes New home page New forums Hiscores added Server Changes Brand new donator zone UPDATED (We really appreciate the support and felt this was needed!) Portals Added at home Changed Donator Shop NPC Herblore Area Changed Portal Names Fixed Added minigames interface menu Client Changes New launcher New client design Fixed X button on stores in-game

    Hello all, We're going to be adding a brand new custom minigame to the server soon. Please post any ideas you might have for a completely custom minigame!
  12. Help us help you!

    We really appreciate any input from our community. Got an idea? Post a thread today and tell us all about it! We endeavour to update and improve the experience for everyone and so will read and consider every single suggestion
  13. Derek's Introduction!

    Welcome Derek! Look forward to seeing you ingame soon
  14. issues with client logging on

    @Sparkz correct. Shouldn't be too long! 🤞