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  1. Website Changes

    New home page 

    New forums

    Hiscores added

    Server Changes

    Brand new donator zone UPDATED (We really appreciate the support and felt this was needed!;))

    Portals Added at home

    Changed Donator Shop NPC

    Herblore Area Changed

    Portal Names Fixed

    Added minigames interface menu

    Client Changes

    New launcher

    New client design

    Fixed X button on stores in-game


  2. We really appreciate any input from our community. 

    Got an idea? Post a thread today and tell us all about it! We endeavour to update and improve the experience for everyone and so will read and consider every single suggestion :D

  3. Hello all I'm Craig from the UK, one of the founders of this epic new community!

    My role in RuniteScape is varied but I primarily manage everything website and graphic related.

    Look forward to meeting everyone ingame. B|