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  1. Who is he ?

    Just to mess around nothing personal about it. Which staff member you like the most as in personality and why ? No hatred feelings just be honest Rergards Ladies. Much Respect.
  2. Serpentine Helm not broadcasting

    Thank you for Reporting this One Bud , i am sure the Dev's will take a look at it later on! Much Appreciated.
  3. UPDATE 15/03/2018

    This Patch is Huge , Great job definitely worth waiting for it! Thanks !
  4. Complete Donation Guide

    Thank you @bilboballs for making this guide , I am sure its going to help a lot of players. Much Respect. Regards.
  5. Primal 2h (maybe other weapons) in dung

    Thank you @Derek for Reporting this Bug , I am pretty sure the dev's will take a look at it and fix it in the near future. Much Respect. Regards

    Nice job @Pounds I am sure it will help us more when we sell and buy stuff , Thank you pal. Regards.
  7. Support Us!

    Great looking Signature @Craig , ;3

    Nice one pal , i am going to try it myself. Try to add ( edit ) some Screenshots later on so people can know how and where to find them etc.. Thanks for sharing this with us! Regards.
  9. Hello ! My friend do you suggest to remove that from '' Iron man '' accounts Only ? Or want all Iron mans to Restart the whole thing again ? which seems more fair if it's going to be Removed.
  10. a few ideas i have open for interpretation

    I'd Vouch for those idea's myself and I hope we can get some of them updated to the game soon , Thanks a lot for sharing those idea's with us I am sure the dev's will look into it for sure. *note* Using Super-anti fire potions will make you take 0 damage from any kind of dragons. Much Respect. Regards.

    Awesome Guide @Pounds , im Sure its going to be useful to a lot of players , @Cow55killer Thank you for the info pal , Much Respect. Regards.
  12. Who is he ?

    @Craig Yeah he is pretty decent not bad at all , Im kidding I'd vote for all of you!
  13. Thanks

    You Are more than welcome my friend , I'd like to thank you and @Reece for all those updates and hard work you guys put into the server! Much Respect. Regards.
  14. Clue Scroll Maddness

    Awesome Guys thanks a lot for helping us finding those locations , any other places please take a screen and post it on here Much respect. Regards.
  15. Zee's Introduction

    Hello there Zee , welcome to the server pal. Much Respect, Regards.
  16. Pet Names

    Hey there Me , Great idea pal Sounds cool , i guess it might take a lot of work , but the dev's will think about your idea for sure Regards.
  17. Summing: Familiar Abilities and Attack

    nice Idea pal , I am pretty sure the Dev's will look into it , Thank you for the suggestion. Regards.
  18. "Mobile Banking" for donators

    I believe that we have this one on our server pal , Thanks a lot for the suggestion tho, Much Respect.
  19. Simple Jad Guide

    nice Guide pal , Im sure it will help ton of people ! keep it up! Regards.
  20. Tent whip

    Im sure it will be added in future update's danny , Thank you for this suggestion pal. Much respect.
  21. Mini Game Highlights

    it is not bad idea at all Drago , i guess it will make us look more as a family and enjoy playing together. Thanks pal. Much Respect.
  22. Dusty's Intro

    Hey Dusty , welcome to our family pal. <3 Much Respect.
  23. Danny's Introduction

    Danny boii , welcome pal <3
  24. Hide And Seek !

    Hey Runitescape player's , I was Thinking about hosting a Hide and Seek event , as i hide in places and giving you guys hints to find me and to collect points. In the end the guy with the most Points will win a decent prize , I am stilling thinking about how i am going to do it just wanted to take some feed back from you guys please comment any suggestions or idea's Much Respect. Regards.

    Awesome guide Pounds , it really helps a lot and it is a decent way to make money out of it , Much Respect. <3