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  1. Drago's Crafting Guide

    This Guide is pretty useful duo to alot of information about the skill it self and many ways to do it , Awesome Guide Drago. Much respect.
  2. Barrows ( Rise of the Six )

    Happy to help at anytime
  3. Hey Everyone This is my Guide on how to do Barrows ( Rise of the six ) . Note : you probably can find better and other ways to do it , I prefer using Mage ( barrage ) I will Try to add Screen shots later on. for me i always Pray Melee at first and kill Verac , Then kill The other three Melee Brothers while they are all three around you , you can easy barrage them at once , while Tanking The ahrim and karil after killing all four melee brothers you can change your prayer to mage and kill karil or switch it to range and kill ahrim. I always do it this way and with 1 Super Restore and 3 slots for Runes and The rest is food i manage to kill 3 Wave's of them at once before banking for more food again. Inv : Barraging The four melee brother's While Tanking The other two : Switch The prayer To Range and Kill Ahrim while Tanking Karil : Keep it Range while Killing Karil : Thank you for reading my Guide on how to do Barrows ( Rise of the six ). feel free to tell me how it goes when you try it out. Regards. Sparkz
  4. YouTube Advertisement

    Awesome , !!
  5. YouTube Advertisement

    Hey Everyone , I just had an Idea that might help Us Grow big and faster and bring more people to join our family On runitescape. I believe that making a decent Video about the server and Everything on it and put it On youtube might help us alot. we can put in it future idea's update's about the community and the whole server in general. I am sure with a bit of Quality editing it will comes out very nicely and should get the job done. Just had it as an idea and i thought i'd share it with you Guys. Much Respect. Regards.
  6. Crystal Key Chest

    Yeah i believe those places are much better than where it is atm
  7. Snake's Introduction

    Hey There pal.
  8. Barrows ( Rise of the Six )

    For New players who cant afford the best magic Gear This one will do just fine and I've used it myself. https://gyazo.com/71e22ad076df7e3d06a381b43d294526?token=de452303a47e512d424c2854772f99a3
  9. Derek's Introduction!

    Welcome To the Family Derek ,
  10. Matt's Intro

    Welcome to the Family pal . <3
  11. Changelog 01/02/18

    Craig , you and Reece doing Great job updating the server daily , i really like what you guys doing. keep it up , i am sure we do all appreciate the hard work . Much Respect, Regards.

    I am Pretty sure owners will take a look at this one and change what ever they think is better ! Thank you for sharing this with us. Much respect Regards.
  13. Hey Im so excited to do the first introduction on the server! first my Irl name is Andy Im 21 Years old and my Ing name is Sparkz. I used to live in Miami , but duo to my father work when i was younger we had to move to the middle east. well there is not a lot of stuff to say about myself , I like chatting and hanging out with my friends i like swimming , and i am pretty friendly, probably ill talk with you about anything you want to xD. feel free to pm me if you want to know anything else or just chat. Much Respect. <3 Regards.
  14. 2skilled4u welcomes you!

    Welcome brother! glad to be having you with us over here!
  15. Hello!

    Hello Craig , Cant wait to meet you ingame buddie!
  16. Welcome To RuniteScape

    Glad to officially Meet you Reece! Thank you for all those nice updates and idea's <3

    Thank you for this useful Guide Noah , Awesome Guide.
  18. issues with client logging on

    So @Craig The server is down atm ?
  19. Fishing Tutorial

    Awesome Guide Reece its really useful , keep it up Budd

    I am glad to officially meet Noah i really think you are a nice guy
  21. Sparkz Introduction.

    Same Goes to you Mr Craig. Thank you for welcoming me!