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  1. Hey Everyone , I just had an Idea that might help Us Grow big and faster and bring more people to join our family On runitescape.
    I believe that making a decent Video about the server and Everything on it and put it On youtube might help us alot.

    we can put in it future idea's update's about the community and the whole server in general.
    I am sure with a bit of Quality editing it will comes out very nicely and should get the job done.

    Just had it as an idea and i thought i'd share it with you Guys.

    Much Respect.

  2. Hey Runitescape player's ,
    I was Thinking about hosting a
    Hide and Seek event , as i hide in places and giving you guys hints to find me and to collect points.
    In the end the guy with the most Points will win a decent prize , I am stilling thinking about how i am going to do it just wanted to take some feed back from you guys 

    please comment any suggestions or idea's 

    Much Respect.

  3. Hey Everyone This is my Guide on how to do Barrows ( Rise of the six ) .

    Note : you probably can find better and other ways to do it ,
    I prefer using Mage ( barrage )
    I will Try to add Screen shots later on.

    for me i always Pray Melee at first and kill Verac , Then kill The other three Melee Brothers while they are all three around you , you can easy barrage them at once , while Tanking The ahrim and karil
    after killing all four melee brothers you can change your prayer to mage and kill karil or switch it to range and kill ahrim.

    I always do it this way and with 1 Super Restore and 3 slots for Runes and The rest is food i manage to kill 3 Wave's of them at once before banking for more food again.


    Inv : 


    Barraging The four melee brother's While Tanking The other two :


    Switch The prayer To Range and Kill Ahrim while Tanking Karil :


    Keep it Range while Killing Karil :


    Thank you for reading my Guide on how to do Barrows ( Rise of the six ).
    feel free to tell me how it goes when you try it out.

    Regards. Sparkz

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  4. Name : Andy , Ingame : Sparkz

    Age : 21

    How long have you been with the RuniteScape : I've been playing On runite for a week before the v2 was released.

    How active are you ingame : I Am pretty active even in the late hours of the night i stay up late.

    How active are you on the forums(replying to threads, answering questions, etc.) : I see myself as a pretty active Guy on the forums

    How much time can you commit to the game and forums : I usually can do about 10 - 12 Hours per day , up to 16+ On the weekends because i stay home a lot.

    What sets you aside from other applicants : I used to be a helper on Other server in the past I am Friendly with everyone and i can handle most of the problems other players have if not i'd ask a higher rank staff member to help me out with the players problem, and because I am pretty much active i can stay and help other people up with whatever i can help them with and Duo to time zone difference's i can cover up till the other staff members Comes online from work or so even tho i need to know a bit more about the server to be honest but because i play a lot i can cover that up really fast and soon.

    What can you do to help the community(Write a brief paragraph) to be honest i will do my best to help the community with what ever they want me to help them with , Being active and welcoming new comer's and show them everything and give them advice's can help them pretty much , and i will do my best to help anyone in need with what ever i can do to them, otherwise ill ask a higher rank staff to handle the situation , and in the future i can add a bit more suggestions to the owners and i can always help those who cant contact a Higher rank staff member In time.

    Thanks a lot for taking a moment to read my Application.

    Much Respect , Regards.