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  1. Fishing Tutorial

    Hello, i thought i'd contribute to tutorials and show what i expect our tutorial and guides to look like! Fishing Guide Personally, i recommend sharks from 76-91 as you don't always catch manta rays on the next step. I recommend doing this from 91-99.
  2. Hello everyone, for those of you who don't know! I'm Reece from the UK, one of the founders of this epic new community! I'm 20, 21 in April and am looking forward to our community to grow and develop a player base! I'm open to all suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me either in-game or on here! My role in RuniteScape is varied but I primarily manage the development of the server and client. For those of you i haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, i look forward to meeting you ingame.
  3. Matt's Intro

    Glad to hear you are giving RuniteScape a shot! Welcome to the community, i look forward to meeting you in-game!
  4. Rune Crafting (:

    Nice tutorial! i'm sure it will help people that haven't done rune crafting before!