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  1. checking in!

    hi there everyone ... as you all have probably noticed i was innactive since monday and that is due to the fact that my bestfriend since day 1.... my father suddenly passed of a heart attack! this might be a minor set back but it will not steer me away from helping the community and forthward being active on the forums and in game! i hope to hear from everyone soon! - joshua s sherwood
  2. hi there everyone and welcome to runitescape! my in game name is 2skilled4u but feel free to call me josh. im 23 years old i hail from a small town in upstate new york USA. my hobbies are computer software coding and of course playing one of the best rsps`s out there runitescape! i own my own car detailing company in rochester new york! if anyone has any concerns/problems or even just simple questions feel free to shoot me a message or even just talk to me in game! dont be shy i wont bite but i can be very helpful! cheers- joshua s sherwood PS: below i have added a picture of me and my beautiful daughter addison just for laughs and if anyone was wondering
  3. for some reason it will not let me sign on and tells me to download newest client .... which i have ... im stuck and need help!