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  1. Crystal Key Chest

    Just a small suggestion, could we uh... Move the Crystal Key Chest somewhere near the bank, It's kinda out of the way, was thinking on the wall outside shops or next to prestige guy, or even next to Donar Pete? Thanks for reading!
  2. Hello!

    Hi Craig, I've met you in-game but glad to know a little more about You and hope I can help You and Reece with anything I can, You among everyone else on the server are just amazing and I love meeting each of you because you're all so swell, But take it easy man, I look forward to hanging out in-game and helping you, With all the players and staff this server is going to reach great heights!
  3. Welcome To RuniteScape

    Hello Reece, Just met You in-game and you are a very nice and uplifting person, You and Craig are the best server owner/managers i've met so far, and I am so glad to be here on your server and I hope I can help you in any way I can!

    Hi Noah, You know my name but it's nice to meet ya! You're super helpful and i'm glad to have met you my first few seconds in the game! You've answered almost every question i've had so far, You're really dedicated and definitely deserve your position!
  5. Combat potions bug.

    Ah yes thank you, I had a few typos and missed key elements, lack of sleep ya know hahaha, But anywho this is what happens! Below (or wherever the pictures end up) this is literally seconds apart from each other, it shows that right after i hit the level up i lose the stat boost. Not a big problem but some people might be angry about it! Thank you for reading and sticking through My horrible attempt at the first post hahaha.
  6. 2skilled4u welcomes you!

    Welcome Skill/Josh! Nice to meet you. You're an awesome member of the server and I'm glad to get to know ya! See ya in-game, Also Gz on Gold member today!
  7. Sparkz Introduction.

    Welcome Sparkz (I know I'm late) love to chat with ya and see you helping Me in-game lmao, You're a swell person to chat with when i'm logged in! Welcome to RuniteScape!
  8. Matt's Intro

    Welcome to RuniteScape! Glad to have you here, Although we've met in-game i'd still like to say nice to meet you Matt, and I look forward to chatting with you again!
  9. Rune Crafting (:

    Thanks for the amazing guide! I'm gonna use this everytime I need RC done! keep up the good work guys!
  10. Donation screen

    Hi everyone, Just a little suggestion for the donator screen. Was thinking maybe you could add a description for the donator scrolls as it just shows the price, for example, the 10 dollar scroll gives this type of donator status and the benefits of that donator status. Just a little throw in on my part to help the server look pretty!
  11. Combat potions bug.

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to address a simple issue within the game about the combat potions, It's been brought to My attention (and others) that when you use a combat potion, I.e a super attack, the stat boost dissapeara and as a result, that dosage of potion is now wasted. Will keep you guys updated on the status of the issue. Thank you for reading!
  12. Derek's Introduction!

    Thank You guys and I hope to see you as well Craig, and no problem Pounds!
  13. Hi everyone, I'm Derek, As well as in-game, A little about myself; I'm 20 years old, I love to play rsps and I love to help people! I live in the U.S-Ohio more specifically! That's about it, if you want to know more just ask me, I'm pretty open minded about everything! Thanks for reading and I hop you and I can be great friends!