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  1. What do you guys think of having mini games rotate on highlight? This may help encourage the community to play together. some mini games are harder to do alone. This will allow us to all play together on a certain day. Like Pest Control Thursdays and Castle War Sundays! what do you guys think?

  2. Before beginning to train crafting please click on the stats tab and the crafting icon to teleport to the crafting training location.


    I highly recommend training mining first until you can mine the star. This will allow you to rack up a lot of gems (including Dragonstone) with no expense.

    This is how I trained crafting fast! Personally I trained mining up high enough to mine the star. While mining the star you receive mass amounts of Gems. I saved the gems to these amounts below. This Guide shows the required level, the amount of xp received for each action, and the amount of actions you must take to reach the next step in the guide.

    For example; you must collect 14 Flax and turn them into bowstrings via the spinning wheel. This will take you from level 1 all the way to level 20.  

    ~ view image 1 to see what flax looks like.

    ~view image 2,3,4 to see the inventory of 14 flax, the spinning wheel, and the 14 bow strings. 

    Then you must deposit your bowstrings in the bank. purchase a chisel from the crafting instructor. 

    ~view image 5 to see the crafting instructor and the banker.

    ~view image 6 to see how your inventory should look as you begin cutting your gems.

    Cut 3 Sapphire gems to get to level 27.

    Cut 3 Emerald gems to get to level 34.

    Cut 6 Ruby gems to get to level 43

    Cut 18 Diamond gems to get to level 55.

    For those of you who choose to just buy the diamond gems from the instructor, instead of mine the star and save your money, you will need to cut 1854 Diamond gems to reach level 99.

    For those who mine the stars and collect enough dragonstone at level 55 you may choose to cut 1313 Dragonstone gems to achieve level 99.

    Flax                LVL: 1    XP: 324      AMOUNT: 14         
    Sapphire         LVL: 20   XP: 2400    AMOUNT: 3     
    Emerald          LVL: 27   XP: 3600    AMOUNT: 3         
    Ruby              LVL: 34   XP: 5200    AMOUNT: 6       
    Diamond         LVL: 43   XP: 7000    AMOUNT: 18       TO 99 (for those who don't mine the star) :1854  
    Dragonstone    LVL: 55   XP: 9800    AMOUNT: 1313    TO 99   











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  3. Name :  Skylar/Drago

    Age : 26

    How long have you been with the RuniteScape : V2 since day once V1 for a few days

    How active are you in game: Very Very active

    How active are you on the forums(replying to threads, answering questions, etc.) : Just made an account but i have plans for guides and bossing strategies coming soon!

    How much time can you commit to the game and forums : My schedule is very flexible as i am able to be online for support anytime of day during work or home. 

    What sets you aside from other applicants : I am currently the highest total level on the server which shows that i have trained all trainable skills. I have experience on the current server and knowledge that I regularly share with every online member. I find ways to assist anywhere I can. I have also achieved gold donor rank, the highest spot on player achievements in game, and completed both quests. I am friendly and easy to approach about anything you may need! I dont know everything but I do know how to find the answers very quickly!

    I also have alot of experience on RS3. Username: Drago3000. I have been playing runescape since it was 2 dimensional haha. I love this game and I have many ideas I feel may help our server not only grow in size but quality too!

    What can you do to help the community : From the vast runescape knowledge that i have gained over the last 10-15 years I believe that I can help with not only ideas; but full assistance for any player at any skill level of the game. Im patient and thorough! I know how to teach the mechanics of the game. Example: Bossing, money making, skilling, and normal monster combat. I am available at almost anytime of day or night! To help the community i will ensure all players enjoy the server and can play runitescape the way they want to play it. Any issues would be promptly reported and discussed with the server staff team. Most of all while we are still small we need a team of people who work well together. I believe that I work extremely well with the current staff ie. my good buddy Pounds. I am open to all ideas and thoughts. Thank you for considering me for the newest staff member position on the best server around! and always guys no matter what happens have fun and enjoy the game! im here to help either way!