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  1. Hey guys, sorry to bother. I noticed that there was a small bug. When a player signs in with two accounts from one address, for some reason the player count it as being three players. 


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  2. It'd be cool if more familiar summoning abilities could be added in since it at least makes the other familiars viable (besides pak yak and steel titan). Also, some familiars neither attack nor have abilities, so making their pouches seems like a waste of charms.

  3. Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to quickly make a guide about Jad using a basic setup and basic stats.

    Before going into Jad, I recommend at least 70 ranged and 40 prayer as the minumum stats. For the purpose of this tutorial, I made an account with just those stats using the most basic gear (1 Def pure with ONLY 70 ranged, 41 prayer, and 64 HP).

    I've attached photos of my inventory and gear going into Jad. The kill took about 4 minutes, so it's pretty quick as you can see. I brought a ranged pot, but didn't end up using it at any point. 


    NOTE: Make sure you have prayer book on at all times so that you can get a quick switch. 


    I recommend u bring the best bolts possible for quicker kill and pray pots if you have them. Otherwise, bring whatever gear you can. Best of luck!


    Video of the kill can be found at this link: