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  1. Age: 20 years (21 in may)

    Previous Experience: I have never become staff on a runescape private server before, I would love the chance to finally become one. I have played RSPS' for many years now, since the age of 15.

    How long have you been with the RuniteScape: Have a game time of 82 hours and 25 minutes, been with the community about 2-3 months now.

    How active are you ingame: Have a game time of 82 hours and I play every day for a good amount of hours (approx 2-6 hours a day).

    Where are you from: I am from Hereford in the United Kingdom.

    How active are you on the forums(replying to threads, answering questions, etc: I check the forums on a daily basis to see if there are any new members and do what I can to help new players in game. I had someone approach me yesterday actually, asking for a tour of the server, I showed him everything from the shops, to the bosses, to the wildywyrm. He felt comfortable and ready to play after I went through it with him!

    How much time can you commit to the game and forums: I can commit a good amount of time to this server and the forums, I have two jobs but whenever I am home, my computer is on and I am on the server, at the same time, the website is more often that not open in a tab on my browser, so I can quickly flip to it when needed!

    What sets you aside from other applicants: What sets me aside from other applicants is my ability to help people in quick succession, both my jobs consist of helping people in their time of need, and it is something I have learned to specialise in. I am very responsive and answer almost immediately if someone calls my name. I am good at building relationships with people, from any sort of background and treat people with the upmost respect. I have a strong ability - from my police job, to be able to defuse situations with almost immediate effect if they are to arise. I've got to a point in Runitescape where a lot of players turn to me for advice and appear to me as friends.

    What can you do to help the community: I can help the community by being an active Staff member and doing whatever I can to aid the players who spend their time on the server, whether they are new or old members, I am someone who would always be present - except for when at work, waiting for a player to need assistance. As well as this, I can actively check the forums for posts and suggestions that may require a staff opinion or presence. I have built strong relationships with many players on the server, to which I show a level of respect and curiosity towards. There has been 1 occasion on this server, in earlier days, where a current staff member was being abused by a player, at which point I felt it was best to step in and give him a helping hand. As a result to this, the player ended up backing off. The Staff Member was Sparkz should you need to confirm this. On another occasion, no staff members were present, and I was cutting down a evil tree, during this point, two members of Runitescape became aggressive towards each other, cursing etc in Help Clan Chat, at this point I did what I could to defuse the situation and ended the argument, Reece was a witness to this and Craig was also informed. I am always around and due to timezone, I appear to be on where there is a lack of staff. I believe that me being staff could be beneficial as I would then be able to act as Staff in the event in which I was required. As well as this, I feel I would also be present if a player had a suggestion to bring up, I would be able to take note of this and forward it to the relevant people/person.

    I look forward to hearing from whoever decides the final result. Regardless of what the outcome is.



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  2. Nice guide man, red chins go for 61,000 last time I checked from the general store, and regular chins are slightly less. So for new players reading this guide, I would advise selling the chins you manage to catch! Once again, great work Pounds!

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  3. Hey Guys,

    Unsure what this is and why it happened, and has not in any way effected my gameplay, however it mentioned to forward this to staff. I was mining to get Level 80 (in order to mine the crashed star) and I received the following message in chat: 

    "An error occured. Error Code: 452. Please report this to a Staff Member".

    Just thought I'd inform you :)




  4. Just a suggestion, and I am unsure whether or not our donators currently have this. But on previous servers I have seen (and been one myself) donators using a bank - without visiting a bank. It's a nice little addition and previously has been found to encourage people to donate. Now I know that donators are appreciated and not expected, but its just something to bear in mind. If I remember correctly, I think it was added in as a a command of "::bank" or something of such.

    To add to this, I will be donating and some point this weekend!