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  1. Donator perks

    dont think extra xp should be a thing. everybody should have same amount of xp drops.
  2. Clue Scroll Maddness

    dig somewhere in the middle of barrows (if you dig into ahrims it'll bring you back up to the right spot) dig near the king of dragons dig somewhere near a slayer master Dig Somewhere at Home2 ::home2 Dig somewhere near the duel arena tele'

    Master AFKER right there lol you forgot that part!
  4. Rawbie's Intro

    Hey guys so, thought i would finally go ahead and do this lol... My name is Rawbie , I come from the west coast of United States. I'm a very nice guy if anybody needs help with anything dont be afraid to ask i'll help ya out I'm 25 years young, I'm Married and have a Handsome 2 year old son Named Nolan and a very beautiful wife named Tiffanie. I get along with just about anybody and love to spend my free time chilling out and playing games. if theres anything else you would like to know about me just ask! would post a picture of my son but i dont think its right to do that
  5. Rawbie's Application

    Age:Old as Dirt (25) Previous Experience: Ran a couple of servers, aswell as run a couple of restraunts in real life know how to handle things when push comes to shove How long have you been with the RuniteScape: 2 Months How active are you ingame: Wouldn't say im extremely active but , deffinately active enough with all of my things aside in real life. Where are you from:West Coast United states , Oregon How active are you on the forums(replying to threads, answering questions, etc.:Every day check on here. How much time can you commit to the game and forums:As much as my life will alow me. What sets you aside from other applicants:I'm Rawbie lol, everybody loves me What can you do to help the community: (Write a brief paragraph) Offering alot of suggestions, helping anyway i can if coding is needed i can offer assistance or website development can do just about anything anybody could ever ask of me. aswell as helping any player who needs help or dispute that needs settled
  6. Drago's Crafting Guide

    great guide but xp's and amounts are wrong.