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  1. Fires, Stoves, Cooking teleport

    Thanks Bloodelia for the information.
  2. Tim

    Hey, welcome dude. Enjoy your stay
  3. Staff Application

    Age: 23 Previous Experience: Administration, and ran a server. How long have you been with the RuniteScape: A little more than a month. How active are you ingame: I join every day I. aest. Where are you from: Australia, Melbourne. How active are you on the forums(replying to threads, answering questions, etc.: I check the forums on a daily basis. How much time can you commit to the game and forums: With work aside, every day as long as my computer is on and I'm free. What sets you aside from other applicants: I guess the timezone I live in supports the server a bunch. What can you do to help the community: (Write a brief paragraph) Like I said, I'm very active in my timezone when not many staff are online. Ive noticed a smaller player base building up in my timezone when other staff are not present, so I've helped them out giving as many answers as possible.

    Good stuff dude.
  5. Player Count

    I know that some servers use such a thing intentionally, if said IP Address shared the same as another user, it'd count the player as one. Personally I used this method when I ran servers, but I'm not sure if they do
  6. Hi all, I'm Zee. I'm 22 years of age & from Australia. There's not much else to say, but keen to see you all ingame.