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  1. Hello, Runitescape.

    I do not know if this has been suggested yet, however I wish to suggest

    an increase drop rate for high tier donors, or even the higher tier the more of a boost. 

    This doesn't have to be anything too crazy, just another appeal to donors status and hope

    to keep feeding the server donations.



  2. Hey, Derek.

    I personally love the Daily Event, I think it helps players find a goal for the day. This especially helps motivate players do certain things on the server they may not want to do often..

    A Great example for me would be slayer, slayer is much more rewarding during 2x slayer point events and due to my dull interest for the skill, this event gives me

    a lot more incentive to grind it out, get my 99 and cape and gain my rewards from the slayer shop.


    Now, I do not know what current events the server has to offer but some i havn't seen, but would like to see would be...

    1. Double Boss Points 

    2. Doubling Skilling Exp

    3.  Double Pristege points

    4. Double Drop Rate (Or Maybe .5x)

    5. Increased Rares Drop Rates (Which may be separate from #4. through more % Or, solely just rares)

    6. Double Casket Rate.

    7. Double Lamp Rate.

    8. Double Cluescroll Rate.

    7.  Double Dungeonnering points.


    These are just some ideas off the top of my head, Some may already be a thing... But, I have yet to see these.

    Therefore, I feel these would all be worthy additions to the server and would continue to keep

    Players interests and goals for the daily life of players =)

  3. *Note* The Bossess you fight in the Night Mare Zone should be unlocked by personally killing that boss throughout the server outside of the zone! Once u kill a boss (Such as the mole) You should have to fight it through-out the Nightmare zone! This will also help create more interest and thrill for the mini game!

  4. Good Evening RuniteScape.

    Today I write to hopefully persuade developers and players of the server with the implementation of the mini-game Nightmare Zone.

    Currently the server has a strong variety of mini-games to help keep the player base busy and interested in the server and although the current

    Mini-games are quite enjoyable, I feel adding Nightmare Zone into the mix would help create a new feel for  the veterans of the server and an interesting 

    and challenging Mini-game to add to the current variety of existing Mini-game selections.


    Although there is already a concrete and solid foundation for the Mini-game through Osrs. I suggest, and encourage, the implementation of this new mini-game to be more 

    of a Custom version of the already well-known Nightmare zone from the developers (And perhaps the players if desired) creativity. The reason being, is this will help create and form the 

    feel for an unparalleled version of an Rsps and adds another reason this server is unlike any other - With Custom Mini-Games and other content the server develops into

    becoming even more unique than any other, which in-turn makes players not get the same satisfaction they get from this server as they would from another.

    Giving the server and mini-games a unique (And obviously player approved) custom feel will not only increase interest because of curiosity of what it beholds, but also 

    interest within the server itself which would keep players active and engaged within the server. This concept also could hold value with the reward shop from the Mini-game.


    In conclusion, the over all goal of this suggestion is to help provide the player base with a new, interesting and hopefully thrilling 

    construct that will help improve content, players drive to obtain new gear and another goal, and achievment for players to delve towards. 


    Thank you for your time, and consideration.





  5. Hello, RuniteScape.

    My name is Mango and I registered and first started playing the server on March 5th.

    Since 2006 I've always had an interest in Runescape and from than on i've continued to feed my addiction for runescape. about 3 years ago one of my close friends told me about Runescape Private Servers and it got me hook on exploring others modifications of Runescape. I've been playing runescape private servers for a long time and am very picky about the ones I decide to stay dedicated to. With that being said, I feel Like Runite is a very enjoyable server and the community is very welcoming, friendly and comfortable to relax and enjoy gaming on. This may sound far-fetched but, this is one of the best servers I've come to know, So i am grateful for running into it. Other than that, I originate from Ukraine and moved to the U.S at a very young age. I enjoy helping others especially in their time of need regardless of in-game, or in person. So please, don't hesitate to ask me about anything and i will gladly help you to the best of my ability. I hope to see you all in game =]