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DKN Nfrasier

a few ideas i have open for interpretation

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Ello everyone i have a few ideas that dont NEED to happen just suggestions i have from over 13 hours of play

-i feel harder slayer tasks should yield 15-20 slayer points (doing 40 frost drags for 11 is hell tbh)

-increased drop rate after a certin killcount of an npc or a reward system for killing a certin amount of npc kills or reward tier system

-Dfs should have the anti-dragonfire shield effect but sadly doesnt

these are just some ideas i hope they get built apon for in game updates open for discussion and changes, thanks for your time :)

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Sparkz    13

I'd Vouch for those idea's myself and I hope we can get some of them updated to the game soon ,
Thanks a lot for sharing those idea's with us I am sure the dev's will look into it for sure.

*note* Using Super-anti fire potions will make you take 0 damage from any kind of dragons.

Much Respect.

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