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Pounds    6

These prices are based on community thoughts and you DO NOT have to follow by them


Mystery Key - 200M

Dragon Claws - 1B

Abyssal Whip - 75M

Armadyl Godsword - 1.5B

Saradomin Godsword - 175M

Bandos Godsword - 150M

Zamorak Godsword - 150M

Toxic Blowpipe - 1.5B

Armadyl Crossbow - 1.6B

Dragon bolt (e) - 15-20K

Zaryte Bow - 1.6B

HandCannon - 125M

Toxic Staff of the Dead - 2B

Abyssal Vine Whip - 1.5B

Vesta Longsword- 250M

Korasi - 1B

Abyssal Tentacle - 2B

Staff of Light - 50M

Statius' Hammer - 150M

Primal Rapier - 3B

Primal Maul - 3B

Primal 2h - 3.5B

Ring of Wealth - 150M


All Barrows sets - 100M

Full Dragon Armour - 750M

Serpentine Helm - 1.5B

Full Torva - 4B

Full Pernix - 4B

Full Virtus - 4B

Full Bandos - 1.1B

Full Armadyl - 800M

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Full Morrigans - 400M

Full Zuriels - 300M

Full Statius - 800M

Full Vesta - 800M

Divine - 2B

Elysian - 1.5B

Arcane - 1B

Spectral - 750M

Dragon Kiteshield - 750M

Dfs - 150M

Ranger Boots - 25M

Dragon Boots - 50M

Steadfast Boots - 400M

Glaiven Boots - 400M

Ragefire Boots - 400M

Primordial Boots - 800M

Eternal Boots - 700M

Pegasian Boots - 700M



Partyhats - 5B

H'ween Masks - 4B

Santa Hats- 1.2B

Feel free to comment any price suggestions :) 









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Derek    7

As of from what i've seen, Santa's are around 1-2b as well! as for the cosmetics from the crystal key chest, i'd say anywhere from 500k to around 10m per item (e.g zamorak rune trimmed set 2m etc.) Amulets of fury are around 15-25m and the Amulet of fury (or) is around 50m at the time.

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Derek    7
On 3/14/2018 at 8:20 PM, Dusty said:

What's the going prices for d pickaxe? Anyone know currently?

I'm sure it's around 30-40m as they are more uncommon than anything, Not too rare anymore but still worth something! 

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