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    • Hey Dusty, I know it's a little late but Welcome to the Server, I've talked to Ya for a while and You are a pretty swell person to talk to, As well as Boss/PvM with! Hope to see ya soon, and I hope You enjoy the stay here on RuniteScape!
    • Thank You Sparkz! Sorry I only just saw this, Glad to be a part of the server!
    • Hey guys! This thread is just something I created to get a little more feedback on the 'Daily Events' Found in Your quest tabs! I would like to know any suggestions or ideas on them as well as feedback on what Your personal opinions are on them and why You do/don't use certain events! If You haven't noticed them or figured them out, they are Events that change Daily and vary from day to day and help out alot! If You haven't noticed them, I'd recommend using them to Your advantage to make Your RuniteScape experience even better! Regards, Derek.
    • I was wondering if We could get some feedback on the Daily events that aren't being used and was wondering what we could replace them with! Such as: Double Pest Control points, It's not currently being used as the best reward is A Korasi, but the downfall is that no one wants to do it simply because it would take on average 370~ games to get the Korasi. That's still 135~ games in one day on the day Double PC points takes place, So I was suggesting something unused like that could be replaced with something like Double Dungeoneering xp/tokens as a way to push more people to train that, As nowadays it's a skill people despise doing as the minimal rewards of the floors vary from 2-8k tokens per run, which is about minimum of around 187~ games for primal which is used across all types of areas in the game, PvP/PvM/PvB and would give people more incentive to do dungeoneering and hit that 1b xp someday! It doesn't have to be every week, it could be the first _____ of the month or something along the lines of that, just an idea for days that no one utilizes the Daily events. Regards, Derek.
    • Hey guys, So recently Me and Elf/3lf have found something hilarious, Well maybe just to us but We have a few screenshots of NPC's and would like everyone to participate! Post Your favorite NPC screenshots here if You would like to participate! I'll start with one of My favorites of 'Max;! Have fun and NO NEGATIVITY WILL BE TOLERATED ON THIS THREAD. PERIOD.  Regards, Derek.